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Note: The Angel episode guide lists the episode title and a summary and then provides the production code and original air-date in the parentheses.

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Season One

angel episode guideCity Of — Angel moves to Los Angeles, meets a half-demon guide to the so-called Powers that Be, and enlists Cordelia in the fight against evil law firm Wolfram & Hart.

Lonely Hearts — A demon is stalking single people in Los Angeles and killing them, and Angel must find out how to stop it.

In the Dark — Spike comes to Los Angeles in search of the Gem of Amara, and Angel must stop him from finding it since it renders the vampire wearing it invulnerable.

I Fall to Pieces — A woman is being stalked by a doctor who has the mystical power to teleport parts of his body elsewhere to keep tabs on her.

Rm w/a Vu — Cordelia rents a new apartment only to find that it is haunted by the ghost of someone who met an untimely end.

Sense and Sensitivity — Kate, a police officer whom Angel has somewhat befriended, undergoes sensitivity training along with her precinct — with unexpected results.

Bachelor Party — Doyle’s mysterious ex-wife appears with a secret that no one had expected.

I Will Remember You — Buffy comes to Sunnydale, and Angel is rendered human again while fighting a demon with strange, restorative powers.

Hero — A group of fascist demons arrives in the city with plans to wipe out and kill any demon, like Doyle, that is not a pure-blood demon or vampire.

Parting Gifts — Cordelia learns that Doyle had given her the “gift” of visions from the Powers that Be, and she must learn to cope with them to help Angel and his quest.

Somnambulist — Angel has murderous dreams that seem to be coming true one at a time.

Expecting — After a misguided one-night stand on a date, Cordelia wakes up the next morning and is nine-months pregnant.

She — A mysterious woman arrives in Los Angeles and is pursued by bounty hunters for some strange, unknown reason.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin — A boy is possessed by a demon, and it is up to Angel and Wesley to find out how to help him and his family.

The Prodigal — Kate and her retired, ex-cop father are involved in a strange plot that seems to involve a group of vampires.

The Ring — Angel becomes trapped in a fight-to-the-death match in which humans, demons, and others are pitted against each other for money.

Eternity — An actress hires Angel as a bodyguard after a near-death experience, but she might have ulterior motives as well.

Five by Five — After leaving Sunnydale in Season 4 of Buffy, Faith is hired by Wolfram & Hart to kill Angel.

Sanctuary — Faith seeks help from Angel after losing a fight against him and pleading with him to kill her out of sadness following her misdeeds.

War Zone — Angel helps a man named Charles Gunn who is leading a gang of street urchins against local vampires.

Blind Date — Angel must save a group of innocent children who are being hunted buy a blind woman with mysterious powers.

To Shanshu in L.A. — Angel, Cordelia, and Wesley are working to decipher an ancient prophecy as Wolfram & Hart work on a plan to eliminate Angel for good.

Season Two

angel episode guideJudgment — After Angel mistakenly kills a demon who is protecting a pregnant woman, he defends her from a group of otherworldly bounty hunters.

Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been — Angel visits and investigates a hotel that was the site of several of his murders back in his evil, vampire days.

First Impressions — Cordelia comes to Gunn’s rescue as Angel starts to bond with the returned Darla on a subconscious level.

Untouched — Angel helps a runaway with mystical powers while not knowing that Wolfram & Hart has trained the person to become an assassin for them.

Dear Boy — Angel meets Darla in person and starts to lose his sanity as she begins to play mind games with him.

Guise Will Be Guise — Wesley pretends to be Angel when an important client comes to the firm to seek their help on behalf of his daughter.

Darla — The history between Angel and Darla is revealed as she begins to sort out who she actually is after being alive, then a vampire, and then alive again.

The Shroud of Rahmon — Angel and Gunn work together to prevent the theft of a mystical artifact while not knowing that it has severe side effects.

The Trial — Darla learns that she is near death, and Angel must go through a series of trials in an attempt to save her life.

Reunion — Drusilla comes to Los Angeles, and she has plans for her, Darla, and Angel.

Redefinition — Angel fires Wesley, Cordelia, and Gunn while Lindsey and Lilah think about their futures at Wolfram & Hart.

Blood Money — Wolfram & Hart is connected to a shelter for runaways, and Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn decide to continue fighting evil even though they no longer work for Angel.

Happy Anniversary — Angel looks for a physicist who may cause the end of the world.

Thin Dead Line — Angel, Gunn, Cordy, and Wesley investigate zombie police officers who are assaulting everyone who gets in their way.

Reprise — While investigating a rash of dark rituals, Angel sees an opportunity to take out Wolfram & Hart.

Epiphany — Angel has to regain the trust of his friends after realizing that being evil is no longer what it once seemed.

Disharmony — Harmony arrives in Los Angeles as Angel Investigations tries to return to what it once was.

Dead End — Lindsay’s right hand, a replacement after Angel had cut it off, seems to have a life of its own.

Belonging — Everyone ends up at a library with no librarian in sight while chasing a demon on the loose.

Over the Rainbow — Cordelia winds up stuck in an alternate dimension after being sucked through a portal, and the gang must figure out how to save her.

Through the Looking Glass — The staff of Angel Investigations is stuck in the alternate dimension with Cordelia must find a way out.

There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb ~ Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn try to escape from Pylea with Fred, a girl who had also been sucked into the dimension long before.

Season Three

angel wesleyHeartthrob — Angel returns to Los Angeles and must deal with the news of Buffy’s death.

That Vision Thing — Cordelia’s visions start to take a devastating toll on her health.

That Old Gang of Mine — Gunn must decide between Angel Investigations and his old gang when he learns what they have been doing.

Carpe Noctem — Angel’s body is taken over by a man whose powers end up killing those whom he controls.

Fredless — Fred runs and hides when her family comes to Los Angeles to pay her a visit.

Billy — A wave of violence against women in Los Angeles begins after Angel frees a man who may be responsible.

Offspring — Darla returns to Angel — and she is pregnant with Angels child.

Quickening — Darla is close to giving birth to her child as Angel Investigations must determine what to do.

Lullaby — Holtz, a vampire hunter from centuries ago, returns to wreak revenge against Angel and those whom he holds dear.

Dad — Angel must defend his newborn son against different groups who want him dead.

Birthday — Cordelia is near death after a painful vision, and a mysterious guide shows everyone how to give her a new lease on life.

Provider — Angel Investigations begins advertising as a way to gain new business, but the response is greater than anyone could have foreseen.

Waiting in the Wings — Angel and Cordelia are possessed by the spirits of tormented lovers, and Fred is torn between two people at the company who want her affection.

Couplet ~ Angel Investigations is torn between romantic tensions between multiple pairings at the company.

Loyalty ~ Wesley learns about a prophecy that Angel will kill his son Connor and must decide what to do.

Sleep Tight — After reflecting on the prophecy, Wesley takes extreme measures to protect Connor.

Forgiving — Connor is kidnapped and is taken into another hell dimension, and Angel Investigations must find out why Wesley did what he did.

Double or Nothing — Gunn deals with a bargain that he made with a demon some years ago — one that may affect everyone he loves.

The Price — The hotel that hosts Angel Investigations is overrun with demons conjured by Angel’s attempts to rescue his son.

A New World — Connor reappears as a teenager after coming back from the hell dimension, and he wants to kill Angel.

Benediction — Lilah attempts to recruit Wesley for Wolfram & Hart as Angel and Connor try to bond over the killing of vampires.

Tomorrow — Connor secretly plans to kill Angel as Cordelia realizes that she loves the redeemed vampire.

Season Four

angel cordeliaDeep Down — Angel is lying at the bottom of the ocean, Gunn and Fred try to keep the firm running, and Wesley might be the only one who can help.

Ground State — Everyone goes after a rare, mystical item at an auction house, but a cat burglar has other plans as well.

The House Always Wins — Angel, Fred, and Gunn go to Las Vegas to get help from Lorne to find Cordelia, but they end up getting mixed up in a financial scheme.

Slouching Toward Bethlehem — Cordelia appears at the hotel with complete amnesia, and everyone lies about their lives so as to not to scare her.

Supersymmetry — Fred is attacked while giving a lecture at a conference, and the friendship between Cordelia and Connor continues to grow.

Spin The Bottle — After attempting a magic spell to reverse Cordelia’s amnesia, everyone somehow reverts to their teenage selves.

Rain of Fire — The Beast arrives and starts Judgment Day while Cordy and Connor join forces to hunt the demon.

Habeas Corpses — The Beast targets Wolfram & Hart after killing many people in Los Angeles.

Long Day’s Journey — Gwen Raiden, the cat burglar, returns as everyone looks into the killing of an order of mystical beings.

Awakening — Wesley releases Angelus as a way to fight the Beast and return order to the world.

Soulless — Angelus  turns Angel’s friends against each other by spilling their secrets in an attempt to gain power over them.

Calvary — Lilah tries to persuade Angelus to help everyone to stop the Beast.

Salvage — Wesley frees the imprisoned Faith to get her help to stop the end of the world.

Release — Angelus surprises Fred and wants her to find out who inspired the Beast’s actions.

Orpheus — Angelus recalls Angel’s disturbing memories of helping people, and Willow comes to help to re-ensoul Angel.

Players — Gwen Raiden needs to help a kidnapped girl, and Cordelia reveals that she is pregnant with Connor’s child.

Inside Out — At Cordelia’s request, Connor does a murderous deed to help to facilitate the birth of their child.

Shiny Happy People — Cordelia gives birth, and all of humanity becomes enchanted by the entity to whom she gave birth.

The Magic Bullet — The enchanted humans (and Angel) strive to help Jasmine and find Fred while possessed.

Sacrifice — After seeing Jasmine’s ruse, Angel and company must find a way to defeat her and not be caught by her followers.

Peace Out — Everyone but Angel is held captive by Jasmine, and Angel must find a way to save the day (and the world).

Home — After defeating Jasmine, Wolfram & Hart offers control of its Los Angeles branch to Angel — at a price.

Season Five

angel fredConviction — Angel Investigations takes control of Wolfram & Hart’s Los Angeles branch, and Spike appears after dying in the last episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Just Rewards — Spike discovers that he is a ghost and tries to adjust to his new “life.”

Unleashed — A woman comes to Angel for help, and the gang discovers that she had been bitten by a werewolf.

Hellbound — Spike is slowly being driven insane by weird spirits that seem to be pushing him into Hell.

Life of the Party — Wolfram & Hart throws a Halloween party, and nothing goes smoothly.

The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco — Angel wonders about his own idea of being a champion while finding a retired hero to help to beat an old, Aztec demon.

Lineage — Wesley’s estranged father arrives as Wolfram & Hart is attacked by robots.

Destiny — Spike gets his body back somehow, and he and Angel fight over to whom the Shanshu prophecy refers.

Harm’s Way — Harmony becomes Angel’s secretary and quickly becomes someone’s target out of revenge.

Soul Purpose — Angel has reoccurring nightmares in which Spike is the world-saving champion.

Damage — Angel and Spike have to track down a psychotic new slayer who had escaped from a mental institution after Willow’s spell that transformed all potential slayers into actual ones.

You’re Welcome — Cordelia comes out of her coma with visions of Angel falling into trouble with an old enemy.

Why We Fight — A stranger holds everyone hostage and tells a story about Angel from World War II.

Smile Time — A children’s television show is killing its viewers, and Angel is magically transformed into a puppet while he is solving the mystery.

A Hole in the World — Fred is infected by an ancient demon encased in a sarcophagus, and everyone rushes to find a cure.

Shells — The team tries to restore Fred as Illyria wants to find her ancient temple and  armies.

Underneath — Angel, Spike, and Gunn find Lindsay the hell dimension to where he was banished to see how much information he has.

Origin — Connor’s new parents come to Wolfram & Hart about their son’s supernatural abilities, and Wesley learns how Angel saved his son.

Time Bomb ~ Illyria becomes unstable and jumps through time while the gang must try to stop her from ending the world.

The Girl in Question ~ Angel and Spike go to Rome with plans to rescue Buffy and stop a demon war while Fred’s parents come looking for their daughter in Los Angeles.

Power Play — Angel’s behavior becomes increasingly disturbing as everyone starts to wonder if he has switched sides.

Not Fade Away — Everyone spends the day as if it were the last before they launch a final attack on Wolfram & Hart.

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