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Those who want to know what happened to Buffy and her friends after the finale of Season 7 of the television series can now turn to the “Buffy” comics — either in book form (Season 8 and Season 9) or as a motion-comic DVD/blu-ray combination (Season 8).

First, however, we need to set the scene. The TV shows ends with the destruction of the Hellmouth in Sunnydale and Buffy’s knowledge — and happiness at the fact — that she is no longer the only slayer. The “Buffy” comics of Season 8, then, begins with Buffy leading hundreds of slayers in an army against the forces of darkness — who, of course, will not let something like the hellmouth’s destruction get in their way.

In addition, Dawn, Buffy’s little sister, has been turned into a giant after a sexual experience, and the U.S. military is now after the slayers since the are now collectively viewed as a terrorist threat (hearkening to one of the themes of Season 4 of the show). One of the stories, “The Chain,” focuses on what happens to a Buffy look-alike and decoy who goes underground on a mission.

buffy comics
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The artwork in the “Buffy” comics is straightforward and mainstream while trying to make the main characters resemble the TV actors as much as possible. Of course, the best part of the Buffy comics is likely the writing of Joss Whedon — the beloved creator of the original TV show — which is always clever, full of puns, and punctuated by pop-culture references as well.

Buffy, the slayers, and the rest of the Scoobies have relocated their base to a Scottish castle in an effort to lead the hundreds of new slayers throughout the world in the fight against evil. At the same time, a tough group of Japanese vampires begin plotting, and a new Big Bad, Twilight (no comment!), begins trying to kill every slayer — both new and old.

The Plot Before the “Buffy” Comics

Before you read the Season 8 “Buffy” comics, it is crucial to know the events of the last (seventh) season. Here is the video showing the last battle:

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