Bronze Bands (Season Two)

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Note: This is a list of every band that either performed live at The Bronze or had their music played at the club. The list includes only the episodes in which The Bronze appeared. For more “Buffy” music, you can see our online store.

Here are compilations of “Buffy” music as well:

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Season Two

When She Was BadCibo Matto plays “Spoon” from “Super Relax” (at the beginning of the scene in the Bronze) and then “Sugar Water” from “Viva! La Woman” (when Buffy dances with Xander).

School Hard — Nickel plays “1,000 Nights” while Buffy is studying French and then “Stupid Thing” as Xander invites them to dance and Spike enters the Bronze for the first time. Both songs are from “Stupid Thing.”

Inca Mummy GirlFour Star Mary plays the songs of Oz’s fictional band Dingoes Ate My Baby. The bad plays first “Shadows” and then “Fate” (when Xander asks Ampata to dance) from the album “Four Star Mary.”

HalloweenEpperley’s “Shy” from “Epperley” is playing in the Bronze at the start of the episode.

Lie to MeWilloughby plays “Lois, on the Brink” from “Be Better Soon” as the gang plays pool with Ford.

PhasesLotion is playing “Blind for Now” from “Nobody’s Cool” when Oz, as a werewolf, makes a surprise appearance at the club.

Bewitched, Bothered, and BewilderedFour Star Mary plays the songs of Oz’s fictional band Dingoes Ate My Baby. The bad plays first “Pain” from the “Buffy” soundtrack at the Valentine’s Day dance. Naked’s “Drift Away” from “Naked” plays in the background when Cordelia dumps Xander.

PassionMorcheeba’s “Never an Easy Way” from “Who Can You Trust?” plays in the background of the Bronze at the beginning.

I Only Have Eyes for YouSplendid plays “Charge” from the “Buffy” soundtrack on stage at the beginning of the episode.

Go Fish — “If You’d Listen” from “Togetherly” by Nero’s Rome is playing at the Bronze as Buffy sees Gage playing pool in the club.

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