buffy lunchboxWhen you think of a “Buffy” lunch box, you might think of one or more of the following scenes from the television show:

  • When Willow and Xander throw their lunches at each other because they, respectively, would rather have a chocolate bar and an apple (which, by the way, are the opposite preferences from what we would have thought!)
  • The scene in the high-school cafeteria in the Season 2 finale when Xander performs a re-enactment of a vampire slaying with fish sticks and toothpicks
  • The Season 4 episode when Parker instructs Buffy how to get the most meal for her university dollar in the University of California at Sunnydale cafeteria
  • A certain scene — we forget in which episode! — in which a high-school cafeteria platter of spaghetti is shown right after a person dies from an injury to the head
  • Xander’s employment as a pizza-delivery guy and then an ice-cream truck vendor in Season 4
  • When Xander and Willow flirt with ice-cream cones in the season opener of Season 2
  • All of the times that Xander is directed to get the doughnuts for the Scoobies during their study sessions on the latest Big Bads (remember, Giles likes the jelly ones!)
  • In Season 7, Buffy takes care of her sister Dawn and cooks food for her, while mentioning, in one line of many, that she should “talk with your mouth full.”

Even though it’s impossible for us to live in the Buffyverse, we can still spread the word about our favorite show through carrying a “Buffy” lunch box to our schools, colleges, and workplaces!

A Review of the “Buffy” Lunch Box

This is by someone named Amy:

I love this lunch box, excellent quality, hq graphics. It’s seriously beautiful. Anyone that loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Jo Chen’s amazing artwork should get this lunchbox, it’s a great collectors item.

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