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buffy season 7 episodes
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Lessons — While Giles is rehabilitating Willow in England, Dawn enrolls as a freshman in the new Sunnydale High School — right above the Hellmouth.

Beneath You — A giant, underground worm is devouring and attacking — and Buffy and Spike must find it while working through their emotions.

Same Time, Same Place — Willow returns to Sunnydale, but her friends cannot see her — and she cannot see any of the Scoobies — for some reason. Meanwhile, a demon is flaying people.

Help — Buffy starts a new job as a counselor at the new high school, and she meets a girl who has predicted that she will die in a few days.

Selfless — After Anya kills a fraternity of college students in her job (again) as a vengeance demon, Buffy decides that it is time for her to die — and Xander and Willow must deal with their emotions on the issue.

Him — First Dawn and then all the female Scoobies fall in love with the quarterback of the Sunnydale football team, for some mysterious reason.

Conversations with Dead People — Buffy, Dawn, and Willow are all visited by demons or ghosts of loved ones that they had known, and they all bring bad news. Jonathan and Andrew come back to Sunnydale.

Sleeper — The Scoobies fear that Spike has returned to his killing ways after a wave of vampire killings and Spike being gone for long periods of time.

Never Leave Me — Spike becomes a prisoner in the Summers household while Andrew becomes the same.

Bring On the Night — Giles returns to Sunnydale with three potential Slayers, and everyone starts to research The First while Buffy fights the Ubervamp.

Showtime — Buffy has a public showdown with the Ubervamp in front of the Potentials — either they will be inspired that all is not lost, or Buffy will die.

Potential — Buffy starts to form a small army with all of the Potentials, and a spell done by Willow reveals that someone surprising is one of them as well.

The Killer in Me — Willow takes on Warren’s image after kissing Kennedy, and Spike’s chip. begins malfunctioning to the point where it may kill him.

First Date — Buffy and Principal Wood go on a date, and Xander meets someone as well.

Get It Done — After a potential commits suicide, Buffy jumps dimensions to look for information on how to fight the First.

Storyteller — While Andrew starts filming a documentary on the forthcoming end of the world, the students of Sunnydale High become increasingly violent.

Lies My Parents Told Me — When the Scoobies fail to nullify the First’s hold on Spike, Principal Wood and Giles team up to kill him. Meanwhile, Spike relives the day he became a vampire.

Dirty Girls — Faith comes to Sunnydale  from Los Angeles and finds a victim of the First’s agent Caleb. Buffy takes the Potentials on a full assault on his base at a local winery.

Empty Places — The Potentials, decimated and wounded, “fire” Buffy and decide that they would rather have Faith as their leader.

Touched — Faith, now in charge, leads an attack on Caleb while Buffy tries to find comfort by herself.

End of Days — As Faith and some of the Potentials recover from the second attack, Buffy finds a mystic scythe and decides to use it against Caleb.

Chosen — Buffy leads everyone in a final battle at the Hellmouth against the First and its thousands of Ubervamps deep underground the high school.

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