“Buffy” Premieres in High-Definition!

buffy high definition

By Samuel Scott

The U.S. cable channel Pivot will begin showing “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” in high-definition starting at 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 26. The show will be broadcast beginning with the first episode in five-episode blocks that will air at different times each day during a given week. The schedule is here, and fans can find their local Pivot channels here. Not every place in the United States has the channel.

Pivot announced the news on its main “Buffy” page with a video preview as well as interviews with some of the show’s producers and fans. The channel’s blog also highlighted some vintage photos. In addition to the screenshot at the top of the post, here are a few more high-definition “Buffy” stills that we captured:





The news prompted a discussion at a blu-ray television forum whether our favorite show will also be released in blu-ray format soon. However, as John Pavlich noted in 2010 at Quadruplez, the odds are not in the slayer’s favor:

Aspect ratio could be a deciding factor, but is more of a simple judgment call at this point. Currently, Buffy can be viewed in Widescreen via both iTunes and the Netflix streaming video service, Watch Instantly. Not to mention, the Region 2 and Region 4 DVDs (Europe and Australia, respectively) are presented this way. One could argue for any of those options to be used as source material, but it would be a big mistake. With the exception of the famous musical episode “Once More with Feeling”, Buffy was shot for broadcast television during the late nineties and early two-thousands, the traditional framing format at the time being a more squared, 4 by 3. This is not simply a matter of purity.

When the complete series was re-released and re-packaged on DVD as The Chosen Collection, show creator Joss Whedon included a special note to consumers, explaining that Buffy was framed for the “full frame” TV format, and was always meant to be viewed accordingly, meaning you were never intended to see beyond the borders of this industry standard.

Before you go crying “foul” and feeling ripped-off, I’d like you to take a look at something. Though Buffy was produced using normal, wide picture film cameras, these devices have preset borders within the viewfinders and display monitors. They’re used to keep the director of photography from “coloring outside the lines”, making for a more centered and TV-friendly picture.

Sadly,’s page for the “Buffy” blu-ray set is still barren.

So, tell us below: What will be your favorite scene to see in high-definition?

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2 replies on ““Buffy” Premieres in High-Definition!”

Aspect ratio was a crazy reason not to release Buffy in Blu-Ray back in 2010. It’s even crazier today when Star Trek: The Next Generation is out on Blu-Ray in 4:3.

Even though the show is “Meant to be in 4:3”, I’d rather have it in 16:9. Yes, I know! BLASPHEMY! But I watched the 16:9 seasons on Netflix and there are so many episodes I loved in 16:9 more than the OAR. If this ever does come out on Blu-ray, it would be great if it could be released in 4:3 & 16:9. And if it’s released in 4:3 only, I hope streaming sites get the 16:9 versions so I could get them some way. The first half of the PIVOT masters seem to be heavily cropped, but the most recent episodes starting with “The Puppet Show” have little to no cropping. Here are some comparison shots for “Nightmares”:

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