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So, we’ve seen that a lot of people want to find Buffy dresses, clothes, and outfits, so we’ve heard the call and are gathering all of the information and resources on how to dress like Buffy, Cordelia, Willow, Spike, Angel, Xander, or anyone else on our two favorite shows! Of course, all of the outfits are pieced together from articles of various fashion companies, so it is taking time to research everything. Over time, we will add Buffy clothing resources here for your reference!

An important note: The styles of the actual clothes were either completely original or are no longer able to be found. So, most of the time, we have approximated existing styles based on what Buffy wore as closely as possible. For many of the items below, a click on the resource will take you to a page with similar styles that can choose from as desired. If you are looking to dress like an official vampire slayer or are looking for things like vampire masks and make-up, see our Buffy costumes page.

Our List of Buffy Clothing and Outfits

If you’d like us to find out where to find that particular Buffy outfit, let us know! We’ll get the information up as soon as we can.

Prophecy Girl Dress

buffy prophecy girl dress
long white dress

Long, White Dress
leather jacket

Leather Jacket

White Satin Shoes

Toy Crossbow

The dress that Buffy wore in the Season One finale “Prophecy Girl” has remained famous to this day, and many people still want to find it. We believe that a combination of items like the ones above are as close an approximation that one can get today. To complete the outfit, don’t forget to add the “Buffy” cross necklace that Angel gave her!

Prom Dress

buffy prom dress dress
Buffy’s prom dress from Season 3 is remembered even to this day since she wore it after saving the dance from hell-hounds, getting dumped by Angel, and then surprising everyone and herself by being named “Class Protector.” The dress, as far as we know, was a one-of-a-kind made by Pamela Dennis whose whereabouts are unknown. InStyle magazine called it one of the most iconic prom dresses of all time! If you look at the episode closely enough along with various pictures, you might be able to create it yourself.

Good luck! Just don’t forget to find a nice pair of light-purple shoes to match!


Once More With Feeling

once more with feeling clothes
buffy musical shirt

Long-Sleeved, Red Shirt
buffy musical leather jacket

Leather Jacket
buffy musical black jeans

Black Jeans

Red, of course, is the color of fire and destruction, and that was what the “Buffy” musical was about. The villain, Sweet, caused everyone in Sunnydale to start singing and dancing to their inner emotions and secrets — to the point at which people would burst into flames and die. Buffy, depressed at being back alive after being in what felt like heaven, wants the same thing to happen to her. Meanwhile, the songs that the Scoobies sing to each other threaten to inflame their passions in bad ways.

Angel Coat and Spike Jacket

angel coat spike jacket
Who doesn’t love the long, black trench coats that Angel and Spike wore on “Buffy” and “Angel” over eight years on two television series? It is the epitome of “cool” — even if Spike had garnered his by killing Nikki, a slayer in New York in the late 1970s, who was the mother of the child who would become Principle Wood and the last principal of (the revived) Sunnydale High School. 

While the actual leather coats have long been auctioned off, there are many similar ones that people can still buy today. Here is just one example that we found at Amazon — at a steep discount, too! And there are many other styles that you’ll want to peruse as well.
We guess that just leaves one question: Who do you think looked better in their coats and jackets — Angel or Spike? Well, that’s for you to decide!

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