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“Innocence.” Buffy and Angel have sex at his apartment after narrowly escaping Spike, Drusilla, and The Judge, and Angel wakes up, screaming in pain. He rushes outside in the rain, turns into a vampire, and kills a prostitute who had tried to help him. When Buffy wakes up, Angel is nowhere to be seen. She goes to school, worried about him. Later, we find out that sleeping with Buffy gave him a moment of true happiness, which lifted the gypsy curse that had restored his soul. Angel is now Angelus the evil vampire again. Now, the Scoobies must deal with Angel’s desire to kill all of them along with The Judge’s plan to destroy the world as well. This is the highest-rated episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and the emotions it evokes will stick in the watcher’s mind for years. (Original air-date: January 20, 1998)

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