Season 9

buffy season 9“Buffy” Season 9 begins with the world having been separated from the demon dimensions and all things supernatural as a result of the end of Season 8. While that may sound like a good thing, there are negative consequences: Willow is powerless, the line of vampire slayers has ended, and all of the (former) new slayers are now angry with Buffy.

Buffy and the Scoobies leave the old base in Scotland for San Francisco, where Buffy has a job, an apartment, and roommates. After the events of Season 8, Buffy wakes up at the beginning of Season 9 — perhaps hungover — with flashbacks of the prior party.

Did she hook-up with one or more of her friends? Did she do something embarrassing? She’s not sure, and she’s not sure she wants to know. Her boss told her not to come into work… Did she hit on a married man… bond with Andrew… have a chicken-fight in the pool?

buffy season 9

Meanwhile, two different sets of demons make an appearance. One, seems to be protecting — or perhaps guarding — a ball of green flame. A demon of some variety breaks free and begins killing…

A rookie cop, whom Buffy may or may not know, sees a series of murders of young women…

A person with a green demon-hand gets hired by two people in suits for a particular job and starts asking people around San Francisco about Buffy…

Then, back at the party, Buffy is talking with Willow and Spike. The “thing” with the demon-hand shows up. “Buffy, it is time for you to pay…”

And then Season 9 begins with Buffy facing an issue that is well-known to twenty somethings, whether you happen to be the slayer or not. Creator Joss Whedon said that the “Big Bad” this season will be less “supernatural” in nature, and as the first issue of Season 9 shows, “Buffy” often deals with the issues of daily life in addition to fighting the forces of evil.

The Plot Before “Buffy” Season 9

After the events of “Buffy” Season 8 (whether in book or motion-comic form) and before Season 9, here is a Dark Horse trailer for the latest season of the show:

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