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Buffy Season 5 Episodes Online

Season 5, episode 1: “Buffy vs. Dracula” — The most-famous vampire in all of history comes to Sunnydale, and most of the Scoobies, including Buffy, fall under his spell.

Season 5, episode 2: “Real Me” — Dawn, Buffy’s younger sister, writes about her feelings on her older sister and the Scoobies. But why was she never seen before the prior episode?

Season 5, episode 3: “The Replacement”— Xander takes a hit from a demon’s weapon that splits him into two people — but who is the other Xander, and why is he so successful?

Season 5, episode 4: “Out of My Mind” — Giles begins to train Buffy again, and Riley begins to feel jealous because he is no longer as strong as she is. Meanwhile, Buffy’s mother collapses and is taken to the hospital.

Season 5, episode 5: “No Place Like Home” — Buffy tries to determine what is causing her mother’s illness, and she becomes sure that the cause is something supernatural in original. When she uses a spell to help, she discovers what she had least expected.

Season 5, episode 6: “Family” — Tara gets ready to celebrate her twentieth birthday when her estranged family arrives in town to reminder her of a curse that turns female members of her family into demons when they reach that age.

Season 5, episode 7: “Fool for Love” — Buffy is almost killed by a vampire with her own stake, so she asks Spike for insight into how he killed the two slayers he did.

Season 5, episode 8: “Shadow” — Riley thinks Spike has feelings for Buffy, and Spike tells Riley about Joyce’s sickness before Buffy does. Meanwhile, Glory starts coming up with plans.

Season 5, episode 9: “Listening to Fear” — A meteorite crashes into Sunnydale and unleashes a monster who starts murdering mentally-ill people. Joyce has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and will undergo an operation.

Season 5, episode 10: “Into the Woods” — Joyce’s surgery is successful, Dawn hangs out with Xander and Anya, and Buffy and Riley take the time to have a romantic evening.

Season 5, episode 11: “Triangle” — Willow accidentally unleashes a troll during a spell. Buffy is sad at Riley’s leaving, so no one knows who will defeat the troll.

Season 5, episode 12: “Checkpoint” — A group from the Watchers Council arrive with details about Glory and her intentions. Buffy does not work for them anymore, so they test her and her friends before releasing the information.

Season 5, episode 13: “Blood Ties” — Buffy tells the Scoobies that Dawn is the Key, and everyone begins acting weirdly around her. Dawn knows that crazy people know that she is something unique, so she visits the insane asylum to find answers to her questions.

Season 5, episode 14: “Crush” — Buffy thinks Dawn has a crush on Spike, but Dawn tells her that Spike loves Buffy. Meanwhile, a train arrives in Sunnydale with a mystery.

Season 5, episode 15: “I Was Made to Love You” — A mysterious girl comes to Sunnydale and throws Spike through a window after he tries to hit on her. Buffy and the Scoobies must decide what to do about the stranger.

Season 5, episode 16: “The Body” — Buffy comes home and discovers her mother dead on the couch of a brain aneurysm. Everyone else must deal with his own grief to help Buffy and Dawn.

Season 5, episode 17: “Forever” — After the death of her mother, Dawn looks up spells to bring her back to life. Meanwhile, an old friend gives Buffy receives some comfort.

Season 5, episode 18: “Intervention” — Buffy and Giles go on a vision quest to discover a way to fight Glory. Meanwhile, the Scoobies see Spike with the Buffybot and think it is the real Buffy.

Season 5, episode 19: “Tough Love” — Buffy tries to create a sense of normalcy in her and Dawn’s lives, and Tara is captured by Glory, who wants to find the Key.

Season 5, episode 20: “Spiral” — The gang narrowly escapes from Glory and leave town in an RV because Buffy thinks Glory is unstoppable.

Season 5, episode 21: “The Weight of the World” — After Glory captures Dawn, Buffy falls into a catatonic state. Willow uses a spell to enter her mind and bring her back to consciousness.

Season 5, episode 22: “The Gift” — Buffy and the Scoobies battle Glory and her minions in a last-ditch battle to save the world. In the end, Buffy makes a choice that will change her and her family forever.

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