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“Passion.” Angel has turned into the evil Angelus after sleeping with the vampire slayer. Everyone learned that Jenny Calendar is actually a gypsy from the tribe that had sworn vengeance on Angelus after he had murdered a young girl centuries ago. Now, everyone must deal with the results of their actions. Angelus becomes obsessed with Buffy and stalks her and her mother. Jenny tries to right her wrong by finding a way to restore Angel’s soul. Jenny also tries to mend her relationship with Giles, and they agree to meet later that night at his place. Meanwhile, Angelus discovers Jenny’s plan to banish his demonic self and tries to get Spike and Druscilla to help him in his plan. What will happen? This fan-beloved episode explores the inner motivations of love, obsession, and passion. (Original air-date: February 24, 1998)

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