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“Anne.” After killing Angel and sending him to Hell to save the world, seeing her friends critically injured, and getting expelled from school on suspicion of murder in the finale of Season 2, a depressed and lost Buffy leaves Sunnydale and runs away to Los Angeles, where she lives in a dingy motel and works as a waitress in a diner under an assumed name. The Scoobies try to fight evil without her, and Giles is looking all over the country for her. Buffy meets a girl from Season 2 and her boyfriend who are now destitute in Los Angeles and selling their blood for money. The boyfriend disappears, and Buffy fins that a local man who aims to help lost teenagers may be responsible for a rash of disappearances. Buffy, the girl, and others then find themselves in a slave-labor camp, and Buffy eventually finds herself again. (Original air-date: September 29, 1998)

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