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buffy season 6 episodes
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Buffy Season 6 Episodes Online

Bargaining (Parts 1 and 2)— The Scoobies decide to bring Buffy back with powerful magic, and Willow’s spell succeeds. However, Buffy comes back very shaken and disturbed. Meanwhile, Giles had left Sunnydale before the magical action.

After Life — Buffy adjusts to life again while a weird, dark presence haunts her, her friends, and her house following Willow’s spell.

Flooded — A group of three nerds (including Jonathan and Warren from prior seasons) decide to become supervillians and begin causing trouble while Buffy must take on the responsibilities of life again. Giles comes back to Sunnydale.

Life Serial — Buffy re-enrolls in college and starts working with Xander as the Trio start to harass her from afar to test her strength.

All the Way — Xander and Anya announce their engagement, and Dawn sneaks out on Halloween — unknowingly with a teenage, vampire boy. Willow alters Tara’s memory with a spell after Tara starts criticizing her use of magic.

Once More, With Feeling — A singing demon named Sweet arrives in Sunnydale and compels the entire city to tell their deepest emotions in song — with hurtful consequences for the Scoobies.

Tabula Rasa — Tara becomes more angry with Willow’s use of magic to change her memories, so Willow does another spell to give amnesia to everyone after the recent revelations.

Smashed — Spike learns that he can harm Buffy despite the government chip in his head — leading Buffy to think that she “came back wrong.” Willow changes rat Amy back to human form, and the two have a wild night on the town.

Wrecked — Buffy is disgusted with herself after her violent tryst with Spike. Meanwhile, Willow, hopped up on black magic, gets into a car accident and almost kills Dawn.

Gone — A social-services worker threatens to take Dawn away from Buffy because Buffy seemingly cannot raise her responsibly. Then, the Trio turn Buffy invisible with a ray gun, causing her to have fun but at a certain cost.

Doublemeat Palace — To make some money, Buffy takes a job at a fast-food restaurant and thinks that something evil is occurring. A demon friend visits Anya and questions the quality of her relationship with Xander.

Dead Things — Warren, the leader of the Trio, kills his ex-girlfriend Katrina and frames Buffy for the death. Buffy hates herself for sleeping with Spike and takes out her emotions violently.

Older and Far Away — Dawn, feeling neglected, makes a wish on Buffy’s birthday that causes everyone to be trapped in the house with a demon.

As You Were — Riley comes back to Sunnydale because he needs Buffy’s help on a mission. It also turns out that Riley is now married.

Hell’s Bells — It’s the day of Anya and Xander’s wedding, and someone claiming to be Xander from the future turns up and shows Xander a terrible future life with Anya.

Normal Again — Poison from a demon leads Buffy to believe that she is actually in a mental institution and has been deluding herself that she is the slayer and has been living the events of the past six years.

Entropy — Anya, wanting to get vengeance on Xander, sleeps with Spike, but everyone still finds out after the Trio had placed secret cameras in the room.

Seeing Red — Willow and Tara get back together. Warren gain power that gives him strength and near-invincibility. After still losing to Buffy in a battle, he returns with a gun.

Villains — Tara’s death drives Willow insane. After saving Buffy’s life from the gunshot, Willow starts hunting down Warren.

Two to Go — After killing Warren, Willow goes after Jonathan and Andrew, who are next on Willow’s list. Eventually, Willow faces off against Buffy — and someone else after a surprising return.

Grave — Willow, overcome with grief, decides to end all of the suffering in the world by ending the world itself. Can she be stopped?

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