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“Him.” Buffy’s little sister, Dawn, develops her first crush — on the new Sunnydale High star-quarterback, R. J. Brooks, and starts to become obsessive about her feelings towards him. As a result, Buffy, who now works at the school, investigates him herself. Soon, for some unknown reason, Buffy, Anya, Willow, and all the girls at Sunnydale High also become obsessed — even those who are high-school staff members or lesbians. What could the reason be for all of the female obsessiveness? Of course, it turns out to be something creepy and mystical. To solve the riddle, the Scoobies team up in a seventies-style disco montage that is one of the most-hilarious moments in the dark Season 7. (Original air-date: November 5, 2002)

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