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Note: This is a list of every band that either performed live at The Bronze or had their music played at the club. The list includes only the episodes in which The Bronze appeared. For more “Buffy” music, you can see our online store.

Here are compilations of “Buffy” music as well:

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Season One

Welcome to the Hellmouth / The HarvestSprung Monkey performs “Believe” when Buffy goes inside the Bronze, and then they play “Swirl.” When Buffy leaves to look for Willow, they are playing “Things Are Changing.” All songs are from the album “Swirl.”

Teacher’s Pet — Superfine plays “Already Met You” at the beginning of the episode and then “Stoner Love” at the end. Both songs are on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack.

Never Kill a Boy on the First DateThree Day Wheely plays “Rotten Apple” when Cordelia and Owen dance (it might be on this album). Velvet Chain plays “Strong” (available on the show’s soundtrack) as Buffy and Owen talk on the couch during their date and then “Treason” when Buffy dances with him (both songs are on the Buffy EP). Rubber plays “Junkie Girl” when Angel appears.

The PackDashboard Prophets plays “All You Want” from “Burning Out the Inside” as Xander begins to act like a hyena at the Bronze. Sprung Monkey plays “Reluctant Man” from “Swirl” as the rest of the pack enters the club.

AngelSophie Zelmani plays “I’ll Remember You” from her debut album as Buffy and Angel kiss at the end of the episode.

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