Shot Glasses and Drinking Game

buffy drinking game shot pint glassesIf you imagine “Buffy” pint glasses and shot glasses, you are probably thinking of ways to have a “Buffy” drinking game! Here are some ideas we found online for when to drink (these could be used only in each season or in a combination):

  • When a vampire is slain
  • When a person says “vamp”
  • When someone creates a new adjective by adding a “y” to a real word
  • When  Giles cleans his glasses
  • When Willow does computer hacking
  • When Spike uses British slang
  • When someone evil or good sneaks up on Giles

buffy drinking game shot pint glassesSeason 1

  • When a bra strap shows
  • When Angel is cryptic
  • When Cordelia insults a person
  • When Willow stutters
  • When the Hellmouth is mentioned
  • When a nice teacher is killed
  • When Xander is jealous over Buffy

Season 2

  • When Angel insults Spike.
  • When Principal Snyder acts like a fascist
  • When Drusilla rambles in an insane way
  • When Dingos Ate My Baby is referenced or plays at the Bronze bar

Season 3

  • Whenever Angel is topless
  • When Faith refers to someone by a nickname.
  • When Faith says “five-by-five”
  • When Xander drools over a girl

Season 4

  • When anyone is shown walking to class
  • When Professor Walsh talks down to someone
  • Whenever Riley puts on military garb
  • When Tara stutters
  • Whenever Anya mentions sex
  • When Xander mentions or is doing a new job

Season 5

  • When Dawn whines or screams
  • When Spike is topless
  • When Glory’s minions suck
  • When Glory says something positive about her appearance

Season 6

  • When Buffy and Spike have sex
  • When Willow uses magic
  • Whenever The Evil Trio argues amongst themselves

Season 7

  • When a Potential complains
  • When Buffy gives a speech
  • When Spike gives a speech
  • When Willow refuses to cast a spell
  • When Kennedy bosses a person around
  • When Andrew mentions something geeky

We collected these “Bufffy” drinking games in part from the sites here, here, here, and here. Of course, there are countless additions that one can make based on “Buffy” Season 8 and “Buffy” Season 9, not to mention “Angel.” If you have any other ideas for us to add, let us know, and we will credit you and your website!

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